Here is a section of corporate training modules and topics that can be delivered in house for your organization :
  • Selling & negotiation skills
  • Effective communication
  • Listening & empathy with clients
  • Leadership & empowerment
  • Delegation
  • High performance management
  • High performance coaching
  • Goal setting & achievement
  • Productivity
  • Business & personal planning
  • Time management
  • Positive attitude
  • Personal motivation
  • Life balance

BAYLEAF offer you a wide range of customized training solutions with guaranteed results. People in business & education are tired of training their people and seeing no behavioural changes or measurable results. research tells us that we forget 64% of what we hear 1 day after we hear it and 75% after 6 days. If we forget most of what we hear, how can we then apply it in a meaningful way to improve our productivity & performance? This is why at BAYLEAF, we have developed a behavior modify process that is certain to change people's behavior over a period of time. The practice is graphically depicted and then summarized below:

Program Process and Structure

Win-Win Contract :

A set of S.M.A.R.T. goals are tailored specifically to suit each individual’s needs with the expertise of a Coach & agreed together with a Workplace Mentor to achieve Win-Win outcomes.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops are conveniently conducted once a fortnight for 2 hours to minimise working downtime. Information is delivered in small chunks & facilitated by a world class facilitator so that the group can digest, discuss & explore leading edge concepts for use in the workplace.

Application & Action

Participants set manageable 14 day goals in line with their Win-Win Contract in order to apply their learning on-the-job & progressively change their behaviour & habits.

Workplace Mentoring System

In between each lesson, the Workplace Mentors meet with their participants to help them contextualise the learning & to support them in modifying their behaviour toward predetermined outcomes.

Professional Coaching

Personalised coaching is available to motivate, clarify & assist participants to achieve their best.

Regular Feedback

Each fortnight, the Workplace Mentors receive feedback from their participants stating the key ideas from the workshop, how they intend to apply them & what goals they have set & achieved.

Post Course Review

A Post Course Review is conducted with each participant & their Workplace Mentor to evaluate the program. All goal accomplishments, observable changes in behaviour and measurable results achieved are documented & signed off by the Workplace Mentor to determine the Return On Investment of their Human Capital (R.O.I.H.C.) and success of the program.

Resource Materials

The lesson manual comprises a comprehensive set of notes containing world class management & leadership information & practical action plans to implement success behaviours.